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What is MBSA?

MBSA is the chief business student organization in Terry College of Business incorporating students from diverse backgrounds and catering to the needs of these students interested in business. MBSA aims to develop mutually advantageous relationships between students and professionals.

Our mission is to serve members by enhancing their understanding of business and providing resources that encourage professional development. In aiming to prepare our diverse members for the corporate environment, MBSA articulates and serves the needs and interests of minority students on campus by creating outlets and providing resources for students. To encourage development among our members, MBSA provides interactive resources such as tutoring, mentoring program, and networking opportunities to Terry students, advisors, and various corporate sponsors.

In doing so, MBSA helps develop highly qualified young professionals. This organization provides an advantageous environment for students to enrich their business knowledge by having leading companies provide professional advice to members. MBSA is an organization of highly inspired students who serve as support for one another on their journey to personal and professional excellence.

This organization has developed business professionals that work at some of the world’s leading accounting, banking, consulting, real estate, insurance, and financial services firms. It is the expectation from our MBSA’s academic advisor and corporate sponsor that every member leave a legacy of their own on their organization.

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